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Carbon Accounting

Introducing the first comprehensive carbon accounting solution

Carbon Accounting

Voluntary Carbon Markets depend on transparent, science-based accounting of removals and related emissions before issuing carbon credits. Without it, the credits are of questionable value.

The opposite is also true - accounting across the supply chain, from farm to customer, makes for the most trusted and, therefore, the most valuable credits. 

We're the first to measure and account for all removals and emissions of consequence across the entire supply chain.

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Accounting for Nature's Methods

Nature's genius is her methods. She has forged an ecosystem of organisms large and small, minerals, chemicals, water, air, and carbon and nitrogen gasses, all interacting with each other.


Understanding and accounting for these interactions is challenging. We use a combination of the most advanced technology to understand these interactions better and simple technology to account for them. This allows us to recommend how best to work with Nature, record the results, and reward growers accordingly.


A Humble Approach to Understanding Nature

We are realistic about the limitations of artificial intelligence, so much so that we prefer to refer to it as Augmented Intelligence, the process of assisting human intelligence.


We do this by performing tasks that can be done with more precision or faster than humans, like memory, sensing, and learning to recognize patterns. For instance, we use satellites to see vast acreage, create a precise memory of it, and use machine learning to recognize and understand correlations between Nature's many interactions. Similarly, we use soil samples to see the landscape of living and dead microbes (SOM) and their interactions with nitrogen, minerals, water, and CO2. 

Understanding these interactions allows us to provide growers with information to use in their (intelligent) decision-making.

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A Relentless Commitment to Comprehensive Accounting

When it comes to carbon accounting, the more comprehensive and accurate it is, the better it is for carbon market regulators, credit buyers, and sellers.


It provides the bottom line for (net) carbon removals analogous to the bottom line profits and documents the impact of their purchase.


Importantly, it does the same for Nature, which is important to all of us - and why we are passionate about it.

Contact us to learn more.

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